Are these the best Sit Stand desk legs on the market?

Are these the best Sit Stand desk legs on the market?

I. Introduction

Welcome to the future of ergonomic furniture! In an era when the boundaries between work and home are increasingly blurred, the need for comfortable and versatile office solutions is more crucial than ever. Enter the concept of sit-stand tables: these versatile pieces of furniture allow you to switch effortlessly between standing and sitting positions, contributing to better posture, increased productivity, and a healthier work life.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership that pairs innovative design with handcrafted elegance. FlexiSpot, renowned for their state-of-the-art adjustable table legs, has joined forces with The Somerset Workshop, purveyors of finely crafted furniture pieces. This exciting collaboration delivers to you an unbeatable pair: the high-powered E7Q adjustable table legs from FlexiSpot and a stunning black walnut desktop from The Somerset Workshop.

In this blog post, we'll give you a comprehensive overview of both products, explaining what makes each unique and, more importantly, how they work seamlessly together to transform your workspace. 

II. Overview of the FlexiSpot E7Q Adjustable Table Legs

When it comes to creating ergonomic furniture that's both functional and stylish, FlexiSpot stands at the forefront. With a firm commitment to innovation and quality, FlexiSpot has established itself as a leading player in the market. Their product line is diverse, but today, we'll focus on one of their standout products: the E7Q Adjustable Table Legs.

The E7Q is a perfect example of the company's dedication to pushing boundaries in ergonomic design. These table legs have an impressive adjustable height range of 605mm to 1250mm, and a width range of 1100mm to 1900mm. This versatility ensures that they can accommodate desktops anywhere from 1400mm to 2400mm wide and a depth of 800mm to 900mm, making them a great fit for a variety of spaces and needs.

When it comes to lifting speed, the E7Q stands out in the crowd. With a speed of 40mm/sec, this adjustable table allows you to switch from sitting to standing positions with minimal disruption. The table adjusts quietly, operating at less than 50 decibels - that's less noise than a typical conversation!

But it's not just the speed and quietness that impress, it's also the power. The E7Q comes with a total lifting capacity of 200kg, easily accommodating all your essential workspace items, from computers to books and beyond.

And here's the showstopper: the E7Q features a unique quad-motor system, the secret to its quick and powerful lifting abilities. Having four motors allows the E7Q to distribute the workload evenly across each leg, ensuring smooth, fast, and consistent movement. This exceptional feature not only makes the transition between positions almost instantaneous but also significantly reduces interruptions, thereby improving productivity.

The benefits of a faster lifting desk cannot be overstated. With less time spent waiting for your desk to adjust, you can maintain focus on your tasks and get more done. The speed and smoothness of the transition also encourage more frequent position changes, which is recommended for maintaining good health when working long hours at a desk.

III. The Perfect Companion - The Black Walnut Desk top from The Somerset Workshop

While the E7Q Adjustable Table Legs from FlexiSpot provide the flexible functionality, The Somerset Workshop steps in to deliver unparalleled style and craftsmanship. Hailing from the heart of Somerset, we specialis in making beautiful furniture that combines traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

The black walnut desk top offered by The Somerset Workshop is no exception. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, creating a timeless look that will undoubtedly elevate any workspace.

Black walnut, known for its rich and warm tones, is not just about visual appeal; it's also about durability. This highly sought-after hardwood is robust and resistant to wear, making it perfect for a piece of furniture that will see daily use. The unique grain patterns found in black walnut add an element of individuality to each desktop, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.

In terms of dimensions, the desktop is designed to be a perfect match for the E7Q table legs. The desktop width ranges from 1400mm to 2400mm, and depth from 800mm to 900mm, making it an ideal fit for the flexible width of the E7Q legs.

Buying this desktop is as simple as a click. Just head over to, where you can easily purchase this masterpiece and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Together, the FlexiSpot E7Q Adjustable Table Legs and The Somerset Workshop's black walnut desktop form an unbeatable combination of functionality and style. But it's not just about their individual qualities; when paired, these two products complement each other in a way that creates an even better experience. Read on to find out how.

IV. The Perfect Pairing: Combining E7Q Legs and Black Walnut Desktop

There's something truly special about the combination of FlexiSpot's E7Q Adjustable Table Legs and The Somerset Workshop's black walnut desktop. It's a match made in ergonomic heaven that brings together the best of both worlds: power and elegance.

Let's imagine a scenario: you're in the middle of a busy workday, jumping from one video conference call to another. At one point, you feel the need to stretch your legs without interrupting your workflow. With a simple touch, the E7Q legs respond instantly, raising your stunning black walnut desktop to your preferred standing height. The movement is quick, smooth, and surprisingly quiet. As your workspace elevates, your mood lifts as well, giving you a renewed burst of energy to power through your tasks.

The beauty of this pairing lies in the harmony of its components. The E7Q's adjustable nature means you can achieve the perfect height for your comfort, while the robust black walnut desktop provides a stable and stylish space for all your work needs. It's an amalgamation that speaks to both functionality and aesthetics: an advanced ergonomic solution that doesn't compromise on style.

The quad-motor system of the E7Q legs ensures that even the solid black walnut desktop lifts with speed and ease, a testament to the power hidden within its sleek frame. This seamless integration demonstrates how design and craftsmanship can meet technology and innovation to create a truly unique and efficient workspace.

Whether you're working from home, setting up a new office, or simply looking for a way to improve your workspace ergonomics, this combination of adjustable table legs and a handcrafted desktop offers a premium solution. After all, your workspace should be as dynamic and unique as the work you do.

V. Conclusion

Now that we've introduced you to the impressive power of FlexiSpot's E7Q Adjustable Table Legs and the timeless elegance of The Somerset Workshop's black walnut desktop, it's time to take the next step.

Why not bring this ergonomic marvel into your workspace? Visit FlexiSpot's and The Somerset Workshop's respective websites to check out these products in more detail. As we've highlighted, the ultra-fast lifting feature of the E7Q, powered by its quad-motor system, will transform the way you work. Pair this with the stunning black walnut desktop, and you're looking at a workspace that's not only efficient and healthy, but also beautifully crafted.

Don't let your workspace hold you back any longer. Experience the immediate benefits of a sit-stand desk setup and elevate your productivity levels like never before. Remember, a good work environment fosters creativity, and your desk is at the heart of it all.

If you find this powerful and elegant pairing as impressive as we do, don't forget to share this blog post with friends or colleagues who might also be interested in transforming their workspace. The right equipment can make all the difference in a work-from-home or office setup, and we believe this combination of FlexiSpot and Somerset Workshop offerings hits the mark perfectly.


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